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Mining ZBit (ZBT) Coins

This tutorial assumes that the user knows what is a blockchain,
wallet, mining pool and miner.

ZBit can be mined using CPU and GPU. ZBit uses Lyra2z mining algorithm
which is ASIC-resistant. This means that all type of users are invited
to mine ZBit even using their home personal computer running either
Windows, Mac OS, or Linux operating system.

To mine ZBT coin, you will need a ZBit address. This address can be
generated by using the ZBit wallet which can be downloaded from
(provide download link here) as per the OS you are using. All the
payouts are made to this address.

This tutorial is meant for Windows users though it can easily be
adapted for other operating systems.

Getting the Miner
Only the following miner(s) can be used to mine ZBT

Mining Pool
The official mining pools runs at offering the services
to mine ZBT using lyra2z algorithm. The pool users don’t need to
register and can directly mine using the stratum port 4553 and the
wallet address.

Pool mining using cpuminer:

cpuminer.exe -a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp://
-u8L3crDc2YtTXXW6uR5EcBiyuctHJt6RKyG -px

Note: You will need to substitute 8L3crDc2YtTXXW6uR5EcBiyuctHJt6RKyG
with your own wallet address.

Check out our newest release of whitepaper for more information