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  • ZBitnodes allow for incentivized nodes to host a complete version of the blockchain and ensure that they are sufficiently powerful to process and verify computationally intensive Zerocoin transactions.
  • ZBitnodes are trustless, meaning you don’t have to trust them to keep anonymity, unlike other masternodes that process privacy transactions.
  • Zerocoin protocol relies on zero knowledge proofs and cryptography that ensures results can always be independently verified.

ZBitnode specifications

Estimated cost to run a node with these VPS specifications is around $5.

You can use online resources to find basic a VPS such as Vultr, Linode or DigitalOcean.

888 ZBT
A computer or VPS with a fixed IP address
1 GB of RAM
Enough disk space to store the blockchain (25gb recommended for the moment)

  • A queue is organized by last paid block time that contains a dynamic portion at the top (10% of enabled nodes).
  • ZBitnodes within this pool are selected for payment at random.
  • The ZBitnode system rewards supporting the network and commitment to the project.
  • To become a qualified ZBitnode, the owner must send 888 ZBT to a separate address in his own wallet.
  • The owner of a ZBitnode must wait until the transaction has reached a number of confirmations higher than the number of enabled ZBit nodes.

Coin Supply

The halving interval is every 888,888 blocks, which is expected to be about every four years.

There will be 12.5 ZBT for the first 888,888 blocks, which as mentioned is about four years.

This will reduce to 6.25 for the next 888,888 blocks, which is another four years.

At the next halving, this will further reduce to 3.125 coins per block and a tail emission will come into effect which adds 0.0937618325 coins per block for 888,888 blocks, which is another four years.

Then, at the next halving, the block reward reduces to 1.5625 and the tail emission continues 0.0937618325 coins per block for 888,888 blocks, which is another four years. In this time, the total supply will reach 21,000,000 ZBT.

Then the tail emission alone will continue for 88 years at 0.0937618325 coins per block. The total coin supply will reach 22,734,698.545 after 88 years.

Then a final adjustment will occur which brings the tail emission down 88% to 0.011251418 per block for 888 years.

After 888 years, the final coin supply will be 24,835,260.874

During the drawdown, ZBT will retain the same percentage to masternodes, founders and especially miners for stability.